LED Product Development

LED product development

At every step of the LED product development process from concept to production, CSA Group Seattle’s engineers are experienced at guiding and aiding customers to solid state lighting solutions. Contact us to discuss how we can help you in your product development efforts that utilize LED technology.

LED System Engineering

LED system engineering is an important part of designing products and systems that utilize LED technology. CSA Group Seattle’s Engineering and Design Services team consists of senior engineers with electrical, optical, software, and mechanical backgrounds and are familiar with the intricacies of LED product design. We provide solutions to the complex trade-offs of LED illumination system design facing companies today. These trade-offs often include:

  • LED component selection
  • LED drive current, voltage, duty cycle, frequency
  • LED junction temperature
  • Thermal design
  • LED lifetime
  • LED flux and wavelength
  • LED color mixing
  • Optical performance
  • System efficacy and energy efficiency
  • EnergyStar Requirements
  • Legislative Energy Efficiency Requirements

LED Electronics and Driver Design

LED electronic driver design is an area of importance in LED product development. Implementation of simple voltage control LED driver circuitry is disappearing in favor of current control, pulse width modulation, and energy efficient switching power supply designs. In many applications, temperature sensing and feedback are essential. In advanced lighting and display system applications, LED flux and color control feedback circuitry have become essential.

CSA Group Seattle’s Engineering and Design Services team provides the following services for electronic design of LED driver and sensing circuitry.

  • Reference Designs
  • Prototype Design
  • Product Design
  • Circuit Board Layout
  • Prototype fabrication
  • Low Volume Production

LED Illumination Design

CSA Group Seattle’s Engineering and Design Services team has some of the most creative and experienced LED Illumination Design, Optical Engineering & Lighting Engineering experts in the world. Our engineers have decades of experience in illumination systems design ranging from LED illumination and cutting edge display system design and development to automotive, entertainment and medical lighting. Orb Optronix takes a systems approach to illumination design. We pride ourselves in working hand in hand with our customers to deliver efficient illumination system engineering designs that meet human visual performance metrics and aesthetic product industrial design requirements.

LED Luminaires
LED Backlights (RGB and W)
LED Light Engines
LED Light Pipes
Medical Lighting
Emergency Lighting
Camera Flashes
Street Lights
Machine Vision Illumination
Entertainment Lighting
Medical Lighting
Automotive Lighting
Aviation Lighting
Display Systems
Backlight Units
Projection Systems
Micro-Optic Films
Light Guides
Frustrated TIR and Surface Computing
NVIS Displays
Mobile Devices

LED Thermal And Mechanical Design

The thermal environment in which a high brightness LED operates is critical to determining performance and lifetime of the LED. CSA Group Seattle’s Engineering and Design Services team’s state-of-the-art LED measurement lab is capable of measuring light output as a function of temperature (including case temperature, ambient air temperature, and junction temperature).

CSA Group Seattle provides the following LED product thermal and mechanical design services:

  • LED Output Measurements as a Function of Temperature
  • LED thermal Modeling
  • LED Junction Temperature Measurement
  • LED Thermal Resistance Measurement
  • Heat Sink Design
  • LED Lifetime Testing
  • LED System Design for Lifetime Management

LED Printed Circuit Board Design (LED PCB)

CSA Group Seattle provides LED Circuit Board Design services. Many LED circuit boards for today’s HBLED application require custom layout and fabrication. We provide layout and design services as well as custom parts.

LED Circuit Board Services We Perform

  • LED PCB Layout
  • Custom Metal Core PCBs
  • Standard HBLED Metal Core PCBs
  • Assembled HBLED MCPCBs
  • Custom LED PCB Assembly

In addition to custom PCB design and layout services, we also sell a variety of metal core PCBs for most popular high brightness LEDs on the market. Standard 1 in. x 1 in. metal core PCBs are available for the following packages

  • Lumileds Rebel
  • OSRAM Dragon Family
  • Seoul Z-Power LEDs
  • Nichia
  • Cree
Call us at 425-605-8500 or email seattlesales@csagroup.org for price information or an immediate quote today.