Unified Glare Rating Testing

CSA Group Seattle’s Unified Glare Rating (UGR) testing measures the glare level of a source in an established lighting environment. This measurement is taken as a function of observer angle with Unified Glare Rating numbers given for each angle measured. This is accomplished with a custom imaging colorimeter connected to our proprietary SpectralSuite 3.0 LED Characterization Software. This near-field test is customized from the adopted CIE definition of glare for architectural light sources.

Our adaptation accounts for a near-field measurement needed for the testing of a single bulb or luminaire. UGR numbers are reported in 5 degree increments, starting from the center position where a user would look directly at the light source. A standard background luminance of 500 cd/m^2, similar to that found in an office ceiling environment, is used as the reference background luminance.

The unified glare rating (UGR) is a measure of the glare in a given environment, proposed by Sorensen in 1987 and adopted by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). It is basically the logarithm of the glare of all visible lamps, divided by the background lumination.

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