LM-80 Lumen Maintenance Testing

LM-80 lumen maintenance testing

LM-80LM-80LM-80LM-80CSA Group Seattle is a provider of LM-80 lumen maintenance testing services to measure luminous flux, color, dominant wavelength, chromaticity and correlated color temperature (CCT) controlled to a variety of currents and LED case temperatures.

What is LM-80 lumen maintenance testing?

A typical LM-80 lumen maintenance evaluation consists of measuring 24 or more devices at each of three temperatures for a minimum of 6000 hours measured at intervals no greater 1000 hours. The resulting data set and reports are used by luminaire manufacturers for lumen maintenance qualification under Energy Star Option 1 or by LED lamp manufactures for Early Interim Qualification.

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Most LED-based lighting products claim to last approximately 30,000 to 60,000 working hours and carry great promise in terms of energy efficiency and reduced need for replacement. IESNA TM-21 (Technical Memorandum) is now referenced in the EPA ENERGY STAR Guides to determine product lifetime claims. This mathematical algorithm uses LM-80 lumen maintenance data for extrapolation of L70 product life. Talk to CSA Group Seattle today about the benefits of LM-80 lumen maintenance data beyond 6000 hours, and how it provides an advantage in marketing your product.

What is the purpose of LM-80 testing?

Common lighting sources experience fading of output until they burn-out and stop producing light altogether. Due to their nature, LEDs will continue to degrade over time. The point where LED lighting is no longer useful to humans is L70, meaning the device outputs only 70% of initial luminous flux.

LM-80 testing is designed to put LED components into a specific temperature controlled environment to measure the level of luminous flux degradation at 1000 hour intervals. This process puts a series of LEDs by a specific manufacturer through 6000 hours of testing to yield a result that can predict the lifetime luminance of that model of LED.

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