LM-79 Luminaire Testing

lm-79LM-79 Luminairelm-79
LM-79 LuminaireLM-79 LuminaireCSA Group Seattle specializes in the measurement of Solid State Lighting per IES standards including NVLAP accredited LM-79 luminaire testing. Our laboratory is CALiPER recognized LM-79 Luminaire Testing, LM-79 Luminaire Testing for ENERGY STAR® for SSL, and is accredited to provide test and measurement under ISO 17025.

CSA Group Seattle’s LM-79 luminaire and lamp testing fully evaluates the assembled luminaire for total flux, electrical power, efficacy (lm/watt), chromaticity, and angular distribution of light.

CSA Group Seattle provides LM-79 luminaire and lamp testing reports for:

The standard LM-79 luminaire test report includes:

  • Luminaire Efficacy
  • Zonal Lumen Density
  • Visible spectral power distribution
  • CRI
  • CCT
  • CQS
  • Chromaticity coordinates
  • Color over angle
  • Various electrical measurements
  • IES file


Our testing facilities are equipped with multiple type-c moving mirror color goniophotometers and integrating spheres up to 3 meters in diameter – ideal for testing large troffers and street lights.

Our laboratory features both a Type A and Type C Goniometer for testing a wide variety of luminaires.

What is LM-79 Luminaire Testing?

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