CEC Title 24 Joint Appendix 8 (JA8) Testing

Title 24 2016 Joint Appendix 8 JA8

Title 24 2016 is California’s building energy efficiency standard. All lighting installations in new or existing buildings which require a building permit must be compliant to this standard.  JA8 and JA10 are appendixes to Title 24 which specifically reference high efficiency lighting including LED lighting.  In some cases JA8 and JA10 are more demanding than ENERGY STAR® standards.

CSA Group Seattle is a 17025 NVLAP accredited lighting laboratory approved by the California Energy Commission to test solid state lighting products to the new 2017 Joint Appendix 8 (JA8) lighting performance requirements.

We test and measure LED lighting luminaires and lamps to evaluate if they meet or exceed these and other requirements:

  • Initial Efficacy of ≥ 45 lumens/Watt
  • Power Factor ≥ 0.90
  • Start time ≤ 0.5 sec
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) ≤ 4000 or 3000 Kelvin depending on luminaire type
  • Duv of ≥-0.0033 and ≤ +0.0033
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥ 90
  • Color Rendering R9 (red) ≥ 50
  • Ambient or elevated temperature test for rated life, lumen maintenance, and survival rate (must have LM-80 data for LEDs)
  • Rated Life ≥ 15,000 hours
  • Minimum dimming level ≤ 10%
  • 6,000 hour lumen maintenance ≥ 86.7%, or
  • TM-21 Projected Time to L70 ≥ 25,000 hours
  • Dimming control compatibility – At least one type must be listed
  • Flicker to JA10 – At least one type must be listed
  • Audible Noise ≤ 24 dBA @ 100% and 20% light output – At least one type must be listed
  • Marked in accordance with JA8.5

As part of your photometric performance test suite our CEC approved lab will prepare a Title 24 JA8 formatted report showing your performance compliance to all applicable JA8 and JA10 requirements.  Passing lights can then be registered on the California Energy Commission (CEC) database by submitting report.

For an immediate Title 24 testing quote please call us at 425-605-8500 or email seattlesales@csagroup.org.