Integral Lamp and Luminaire Lumen Maintenance Testing


CSA Group Seattle is a fully accredited Integral Lamp and Luminaire Lumen Maintenance Testing facility. ENERGY STAR® requires lumen maintenance testing be conducted on integral lamps and luminaires to be considered for program certification.

For integral lamps the testing consists of a 6,000 hour test with potential early interim qualification at 3,000 hours if the lamp uses LEDs with LM-80 data. For extended lifetime product claims of up to 50,000 hours, lamps must be tested for 12,500 hours. Included in CSA Group Seattle’s integral lamp testing is the required 10,000 cycle rapid-cycle stress test.

For luminaires there are two options to satisfy ENERGY STAR® requirements for lumen maintenance. These are known as “Option 1” and “Option 2”. Option 1 unitizes LED LM-80 data and a simple in situ temperature test combined with a TM-21 report. Option 2 is equivalent to the 6,000 hour test required for integral lamps.

With CSA Group Seattle’s one stop shop service, we are able to submit all reports to an certification body (CB) for upload to ENERGY STAR®.

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