Electrical Thermal Optical LED Characterization


ETO-P02-LPA-01-Integrating-Sphere-Spectroradiometerelectrical thermal optical ledCSA Group Seattle’s Electrical Thermal Optical LED Characterization Service (ETO) provides complete Electrical-Thermal-Optical data over your choice of input electrical and thermal conditions. In order to design systems that utilize high power LEDs, the light output characteristics (color and flux) must be known as a function of temperature and electrical input characteristics.

Users of this service then can make fundamental design decisions regarding LED selection, thermal management, luminous efficacy, and more.

High power LED manufacturers are currently specifying optical output of their LEDs under short single current pulse conditions. Today’s high power LED specification sheets generally assume that the junction temperature is equal to the ambient air temperature of 25°C. Although these tests are easily repeatable, they are not particularly useful to engineers designing LEDs into illumination and display products. The decrease of luminous flux and shift in wavelength as temperature rises is highly variable and depends on the properties of LEDs. NIST’s Optical Technology Division (OTD) is conducting research to address this important issue and recommends LED characterization be performed under TEC Control. This information is necessary when designing robust LED-based products with specific desired light output and lifetime characteristics.

LED integrators can now accurately and completely characterize the Electrical Thermal Optical properties of LEDs using CSA Group Seattle’s services to solve these complex product development challenges.

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