LED Test & Measurement


CSA Group Seattle’s LED test & measurement laboratory is 17,600 square feet specializing in the testing of lighting products including eye safety testing, energy efficiency testing, LED lumen maintenance testing, horticulture luminaires PAR output, transportation lighting, and optical product development services.

LED Testing Equipment

The lab has industry leading light measurement equipment including Type A and Type C Goniometric test equipment, Horticultural Lighting Gantry, Flat Panel Display testing and the largest independent LM-80 Lumen Maintenance LED test laboratory in North America.

LED Test Standards

Our purpose built LED test lab was constructed specifically for the characterization, measurement and testing of LED lights and components to a variety of standards including North American IES and international IEC standards including:

Cutting Edge LED Test

In addition to recognized standardized LED test & measurement experiments, CSA Seattle’s laboratory is offering new and cutting edge LED tests:

Our lab conducts LED test & measurement experiments using our proprietary SpectralSuite 3.0 software which outputs IES files which we compile into structured reports for use in a variety of applications.


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