SP-85 Spectrometer / Spectroradiometer


SP-85 Spectrometer Spectroradiometer

SP-85 Spectrometer Spectroradiometer

  • Spectral Irradiance
  • CIE 1931 (x, y) and 1976 (u’, v’)
    chromaticity coordinates
  • Dominant Wavelength
  • CCT and CRI
  • LED Measurement
  • VIS Light Measurement
  • UV Light Measurement
  • Lamp Measurement
  • Fiber Optic Illumination Measurement
  • Spectral Radiant Flux (as a component of the LMS-SP85-X light measurement system)
  • Luminous Flux (Lumens) (as a component of the LMS-SP85-X measurement system)

The SP-85 spectrometer /spectroradiometer offers the highest sensitivity, low noise, and fine optical resolution. The SP-85’s sensitivity makes it ideally suited for high-speed, triggered single pulse or PWM calibrated spectral irradiance measurements, or radiant flux measurements when combined with an integrating sphere and calibrated (this combination is offered as our LMS-SP85-X light measurement system).

Stray light calibration and correction is available as an additional service on all SP-85 models.

Software Capabilities
CIE 1931 Chromaticity Coordinates: x, y
CIE 1976 Chromaticity Coordinates: u’, v’
Correlated Color Temperature
Dominant Wavelength
Color Rendering Index
Accessories (included)
PC Software
External Trigger Connector
Transportation Case
Cosine Corrector


Product Model Numbers:

Model Number Spectral Range Accessories Port Size
SP-85-EXT-01 300-1000 nm SMA connector 0.50 in (1.27 cm)
SP-85-EXT-02 300-1000 nm cosine corrector low gain 0.50 in (1.27 cm)
SP-85-EXT-03 300-1000 nm cosine corrector high gain 0.50 in (1.27 cm)


SP-85 Spectrometer / Spectroradiometer Specifications

Spectral Range: 300 nm to 1000 nm (for applications below 300 nm or above 1000 nm, please contact our sales team)
Optical Bandwidth: < 4.5 nm FWHM
Asymmetry factor: 0.7 – 1.1
Optical input: F-SMA connector for a 200 µm
Wavelength accuracy: < 0.2 nm (HgAr linesource)
Wavelength reproducibility: < 0.02 nm (HgAr linesource)
Stray light: < 0.1 % (ASTM E387, GG495, l = 420 nm/ 600 nm)
Spectrometer: holographic grating, flat field
Detector: Hamamatsu S11639 (alternatively S837x, S922x)
Shutter: piezo-electric, opening/ closing time < 20 ms
Digital resolution: 16 bit
Dynamics: > 3000
Typical sensitivity : for 50 µm slit, 200 µm fiber, S11639, pixelbinning 3, gain 1:

17 3*10 counts/ Ws at 300 nm

17 4*10 counts/ Ws at 600 nm

17 0.1*10 counts/ Ws at 1000 nm

Sampling speed: up to 4 MS/ s
Transfer speed: up to 3 Mb/ s (via Full speed USB virtuell COM Port)
Integration time: 0.01 – 65535 ms
Power supply: USB powered or Li battery
Interface: USB (Full speed), TTL UART (up to 3 MBaud), 3 programmable I/O, 2 analog inputs 10 bit (0 – 3.3 V), Micro SD card slot
Dimensions: 54 mm x 58 mm x 33 mm
Weight: 115 g

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