Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology Software


Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology Software

Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology Software

The most complete and easy-to-use LED metrology software available for Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP

SpectralSuite 3.0 is CSA Group Seattle’s industry leading LED metrology software. Building on earlier SpectralSuite products, this newest version is available as a standalone software solution ready to be integrated into an LED test and measurement system, either as part of an CSA Group Seattle ETO or LMS system, or a system assembled from supported third-party hardware.

  • Advanced LED measurement tool
  • Supports multiple platforms and instrument manufacturers
  • Enhanced features make analysis easier
  • Custom versions available for manufacturing customers
  • Improved algorithms for precise measurements
  • Supports Pulsed Measurements (with Keithley 2600-series power supply)

Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology SoftwareThe easy to use interface allows you to select from a variety of measurement approaches, including:

  • Spectrometer Only
  • ETΦ™ DC and Pulsed
  • Pulsed with Variations
  • LED Binning
  • Reflectance


Design & Development of Products Using LEDs

  • LED Selection
  • LED Qualification
  • LED Characterization
  • LED Benchmark Analysis
  • LED Thermal Engineering
  • LED Optical Engineering
  • LED Electrical Engineering

Highly Accurate LED Measurements


  • Incoming Inspection

LED Manufacturers and Distributors

  • LED Research and Development
  • LED Design
  • Specification Sheet Data
  • Application Engineering Data
  • Customer Support

For a version history including the most recent version and bug fixes, see our Software Version History page.

Calibration, setup, and common test scenarios are featured in our easy-to-follow video tutorials.

Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology SoftwareCalibrate your sphere quickly and easily with the Calibration Wizard!The Wizard supports:

  • Sphere Calibration- Flux Reference with Standard Lamp
  • Absorption Reference- Spectral Absorption with Standard Lamp
  • Absorption Correction- Spectral Absorption Correction for DUT
Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology SoftwareTaking Basic LED measurements is a snap! The software even reminds you to take a dark measurement to ensure accuracy in the test data.
Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology SoftwareWhen using Orb Optronix’ Electrical-Thermal-Optical (ETO) system,an LED can be characterized with full sweeps across all three dimensions.
Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology SoftwareSetup Pulsed Measurements (with a pulsing power supply, such as the Keithley 2600 series) and create test profiles with parameters for setting up a single pulse, variable trigger times, and variable integration time.
Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology SoftwareFor LED Binning and Characterization, load saved profiles and use existing bin sets for analysis.Custom builds are available for reflectance measurement applications.
Spectral Suite 3 LED Metrology SoftwareAdvanced Data Analysis features allow the data to be projected to many U.S. and International Standards.

Created to provide superior user experience and designed by experts in LED and light metrology, SpectralSuite works harmoniously with a variety of popular spectroradiometers, including the Orb Optronix SP line: SP-75, SP-100, SP-100F, and SP-200 models. Other supported manufacturers include:

  • Gamma Scientific
  • Avantes
  • Ocean Optics
  • LabSphere

CSA Group Seattle’s friendly sales staff will happily confirm if your device is compatible with SpectralSuite 3. Or contact seattlesales@csagroup.org for our current supported products list.

Call us at 425-605-8500 or email seattlesales@csagroup.org for price information or an immediate quote today.