OmniDrive LED Power Supply


OmniDrive 8-channel LED power supply

OmniDrive 8-channel LED power supply

  • 8 Independently Controlled Current Sources
  • 4 Wire Voltage Monitoring
  • D Cor Pulsed up to 1kHz
  • 2 External Temperature Inputs
  • USB 2.0
  • Software Control (SCPI Compatible)


  • LED Burn-In Racks and Systems
  • RGB LED Color Mixing
  • LED Product Prototypes

The CSA Group Seattle OmniDrive™ LED power supply is specifically designed for  prototype and laboratory testing of Solid State Lighting applications. This product is ideal for working on general purpose LED lighting development, color mixing applications, and color control experiments. Data sets from CSA Group Seattle’s Electrical-Thermal-Optical (ETO) measurement system can be shared with the OmniDrive to create models of thermal compensation for changes in flux and color over temperature.

Each OmniDrive has eight separate current output channels. Each output channel can be independently assigned a current amplitude via computer controlled software. Four internal pulse generators can be programmed to control frequency, duty cycle, and phase. Each output channel may be configured to use one of the four internal pulse generators or one of two external waveforms.

The synchronized measurement capabilities of the OmniDrive include current and 4-wire forward voltage monitoring for accurate power measurements at each LED. When operating in Pulse Width Modulate (PWM) mode, current, and voltage measurements are synchronized to the on-time of the LED. Additional external thermistor or RTD temperature inputs allow measurement of LED or TEC temperatures of LEDs for prototype and laboratory testing applications. The voltage, current and temperature monitors can be configured to shut off specific channels if out of range. Software control allows the user to easily set up multi-LED lifetime tests by assigning current and measurement sequences to each channel. For LED testing applications that require turning some LEDs completely off during optical measurement sequences, the OmniDrive ensures no light is emitted by HB LEDs with an off state leakage current of less than 10 microamps.

LED Power Supply Specifications

Operating Modes

Single Pulse 8 independent adjustable output pulse channels synchronized to an internal or external trigger for single pulse Vf and If measurements
Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) 8 independent current amplitudes driven by 4 independent pulse generators synchronized for measurements of pulse Vf and If
CW Mode 8 independent DC output channels with Vf and If measurement


Connector 44 Pin High Density D-sub
Output Power Max 80 Watts
Number of Output Channels 8
Maximum Output Voltage (per channel) 5.5 V (DC and PWM)
Maximum Output Current (per channel) 2.0 A (DC and PWM)
Current Resolution 1 mA
Current Accuracy 2 mA (or +/- 0.25% whichever is larger)
Current Ripple Max 20mA peak-to-peak
Power Per Chanel Max 14 W
Pulse Frequency Max 1 kHz
Pulse width Resolution 1 μs
Pulse Width Min 100 μs (measured from mid level of rise time). Note: No forward voltage measurement for pulses.
Diode Configuration Drive and return line must float with respect to other channels and/or ground. (i.e. no common-cathode, common-anode, grounded cathode, grounded anode)


Temperature Monitoring Input RTD or Thermistor
Number of Temperature Monitor Channels 2
Temperature Measurement Resolution 0.4 C (with 10k RTD)
Voltage Monitoring per Channel 4 wire, synchronized in pulse mode
Trigger / Sync Connector 1 BNC (Trigger In and Sync Out)
Trigger In 3.3V CMOS or 5V Tolerant
Sync Out 3.3V CMOS
Voltage Range 85-132 VAC (47-44Hz)
Inrush Current 15 A
Input Power Max 150W
Shut-Down Programmable software fault based on current, voltage, or temperature measurement limits


Operating Temperature Range 15 to 50C
Storage Temperature -25 to 65C
Cooling Forced Air (enters sides, exits back)

Computer Interface and Software

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed
  • Windows Software with GUI for independent channel control and
  • sequencing for up to 256 channels
  • SCPI Compatible
  • .NET Controls Available

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