Low Cost Gonio-Spectroradiometer



GS-HOZ-001 Goniospectroradiometer

The CSA Group Seattle GS-HOZ-001 is a compact, table-mount Horizontal Type–C gonio-spectroradiometer. A gonio-spectroradiometer captures and records color information as a function of angle (standard goniophotometers are limited to just photopically weighted quantities).

An ideal instrument for measuring spatial uniformity, average CCT, chromaticity, and CRI – measurements outside the capabilities of a goniophotometer. Provided software makes it easy to generate IES files for luminaires for quicker prototyping and design verification.

Low Cost Gonio-Spectroradiometer

At about 25% of the price of a full-sized moving mirror Type-C goniometer and about 1/3 the cost of a mini Type-C, the GS-HOZ-001 has a small footprint, is simple to use, and takes fast, accurate, research grade, NIST-traceable measurements at a low cost. Suitable for engineering confidence testing, LM-79 design verification testing, and IES file generation, the GS-HOZ-001 measures almost any fixture that can be mounted on its vertical stage.

The included spectroradiometer mounts either on the same table as the goniometer or on a tripod down the length of your laboratory for maximum flexibility. May also be used as a vertically oriented Type-A goniometer.

Horizontal Type-C goniometers are not recommended for accredited LM-79 measurements.

Automated Software Reporting

  • spectral luminous intensity
  • spectral radiant intensity
  • spectral illuminance
  • spectral irradiance
  • color spatial uniformity
  • total integrated flux
  • chromaticity (x,y u’,v’)
  • Duv
  • CQS
  • color purity
  • gamut area
  • dominant wavelength
  • peak wavelength
  • FWHM
  • CRI
  • CCT
  • PAR
  • polar plots
  • IES file generation

Optional Software-Supported Instruments:

  • Yokogawa WT310 AC power meter
  • Kikusui PCR500M AC power supply

Reporting Available for Optional Instruments:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power
  • Lighting Efficacy
  • Frequency
  • Apparent Power
  • Phase
  • Power Factor
  • Crest Factor
  • THD