LED Binning and Sorting Station

led binningCSA Group Seattle offers a basic LED Binning and Sorting Station, which can be customized to meet your measurement needs.

LED Binning and Sorting Station features:

  • Rapid, repeatable LED carrier mounting in the Integrating Sphere
  • Supports LED packages with electrical contacts on the top of the package
  • No electrical connections in the LED carrier
  • Allows use of multiple carriers to streamline test & minimize takt (cycle) times
  • LEDs can be mounted while another is under test

System Components:

  • 20” Integrating Sphere Total Luminous Flux text system including
  • SP-75 Spectrometer
  • Power Supply options: Keithley 26xx Sourcemeter (Pulsed or DC Operation) or Keithley 24xx Sourcemeter (DC operation)

Why invest in an LED Binning and Sorting System?

As a best practice in a company’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control inspection process incoming parts from LED manufacturers should be tested to ensure the conform to reported specifications. Correct binning of Light Emitting Diodes is crucial to product quality and ensures each meets the needed requirements of brightness, color, and other essential variables.

Regardless of the source, there are variations in high-brightness LEDs, and as more mission-critical lighting is created using LED arrays, it is increasingly important to ensure each LED is correctly binned.

While some LED manufacturers offer presorted groups of LEDs, many do not – and even if an LED manufacturer offers bin definitions, customers may not be able to purchase some LEDs with guaranteed bins.

Typical LED variables requiring binning:

  • Radiant (or Luminous) Flux
  • Dominant Wavelength
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • Chromaticity Coordinates
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Forward Voltage (Vf)

These variables often must be measured under specific current and temperature conditions.

A one-size-fits-all LED characterization system can be difficult to define. The wide variety of LED packages, their optical output and thermal characteristics, coupled with the wide variety of operational conditions and volume of LEDs used in different applications all affect the measurement process. CSA Group Seattle has the building blocks to integrate a wide variety of LED binning and sorting stations to meet any need. From high volume production using high powered LED arrays to low volume surface mount LED implementation in sensitive military or medical applications, CSA Group Seattle can customize an LED sorting station for your application.

Binning and Micro-Binning

Many manufacturers can provide LEDs in bins. In many cases, customers require that LEDs be sorted into narrower groups than even the manufacturers provide while designing products. CSA Group Seattle‘s binning and sorting services provide this type of granular characterization for micro-binning. We can also develop custom binning solutions for your application.

Building Blocks

  • Light Measurement Instruments: sensitive PMTs and Si photodiodes to highly accurate spectral measurement systems.
  • CIE-127 fixtures
  • Integrating Spheres
  • Material Handling
  • Fixtures and mounts
  • Power Supplies: DC and PWM
  • Software
  • Manual or Automated

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