ETΦ™ LED Characterization System (Electrical Thermal Optical)

Electrical Thermal Optical

ETO-S06-P2-LPA System

CSA Group Seattle released the first complete Electrical Thermal Optical LED characterization system in the world to allow fully automated spectral radiant flux characterization of light emitting diodes (LEDs) while precisely controlling electrical and thermal conditions. Also known as ETO, these systems range in size and power to suit your electrical and thermal requirements.

In order to design systems that utilize high power LEDs, the light output characteristics (color and flux) must be known as a function of temperature and electrical input conditions. ETO makes gathering this data fast and easy. Simply load a high power LED package, module, array or SSL subassembly onto the thermal platform, input electrical and thermal ranges, hit start and in less than an hour you have a complete data set. Use this data to make fundamental design decisions regarding LED selection, thermal management, color mixing, luminous efficacy, and more.


  • Complete NIST Traceable Electrical Thermal Optical Data
  • Automated Data Acquisition and Analysis Tools
  • Highly Accurate LED Spectral Flux Measurements
  • TEC Temperature Control and Ts, Tc, Tj Monitoring
  • Single Pulse, DC, and PWM Power Supply Control
  • 4-Wire Voltage and Current Measurement

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