Elevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber

elevated temperature irradiance chamber

CSA Group Seattle’s Elevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber uses high-irradiance light to accelerate plastic and remote phosphor aging. The results are then measured using photometric test equipment to determine the impact on performance.

Robust optics, films, coatings and phosphors are all important components in the design of new SSL products. Accelerated life testing is critical to see how these sub-components, or groupings of them, will weather the extreme conditions created by the day-to-day irradiance of the LEDs and the heat expected within a final product.

CSA Group Seattle has created the Elevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber (ETIC) specifically for this type of accelerated life testing. The portable, toolbox-sized test chamber places sub-components (including phosphors) in very high irradiance and temperature conditions to accelerate their aging.

The test conditions are achieved with high irradiance blue light focused through the test samples secured inside while using resistive heaters to increase and control the ambient temperature. The materials are subjected to extreme conditions of light and heat to reveal any tendencies for the sub-components to melt, discolor, or fail under the accelerated condition set. All the parameters are software-controlled with real-time monitoring of the test conditions.

Proprietary software allows for individual software control for each channel, real-time temperature monitoring, logging, safety, and more.

Elevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber Product Features

  • Liquid cooled LEDs for long, stable LED performance
  • Easily replaceable or changeable LED sources for custom wavelengths
  • Independent irradiance control of up to 8 calibrated LED light sources per chamber
  • Irradiance up to 150,000 W/m2
  • Irradiance area 1cm2
  • Temperatures to 150° C
  • Full-featured Software Control Interface for Microsoft Windows™ XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Firmware safety and DUT over temperature monitoring
  • In-house testing services available

Light Source Specifications

Light Source Specifications
Available Illumination Sources
Up to 160,000 W/m2 (450nm Source)
Up to 24,000k Lux (4000k White source)
380 nm – 655 nm
2700K-6500K CCT
Custom wavelengths available

ETIC Specifications

Input current
Input Voltage
Maximum Air Chamber Temperature
Maximum Sample Dimensions (Square)
9.8 (4.8) A
120 (230) VAC
150° C
30mm x 30mm

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