CSA Field Labeling of Electrical Equipment

CSA Field Labeling, sometimes referred to as Field Evaluation and Special Inspection are one-time verification programs that help manufacturers get product into the market quickly and safely when certification is not practical.

Instances like this can occur when:

  • Manufacturers produce specialized, made-to-order products
  • Yearly products runs are small (500 or fewer) per model
  • Suppliers have received a limited number of products that are not certified
  • A manufacturer wants to test market a new product

CSA Group Seattle offers field labeling of electrical equipment and special inspection services of electrical equipment from our field labeling office in Portland, OR for the Pacific Northwest and Northern California region. CSA Group approval is equivalent to the same mark from any of the 14 Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs) recognized by OSHA to approve products in the U.S. including Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), TUV-SUD, and others.  CSA Group Seattle’s inspection and approval service is valid for Field Evaluation (for installations in the United States) and Special Inspection (for equipment intended for installation in Canada).

The CSA Group Seattle Field Evaluation and Special Inspection team is based in Portland, OR and Kirkland, WA, and provides verification for site-specific electrical equipment in the Pacific Northwest (U.S. Field Evaluation), and evaluation of electrical equipment manufactured in the United States intended for installation in Canada (Special Inspection). The two processes reflect differences in regulations regarding the equipment based on each nation’s standards.

More information on Marks and Labels is available at the CSA Group website.

Our programs are conducted on-site and are one-time verification programs for production runs of 500 units or fewer. The required tests vary depending on the type of product and installation location, as they are based on the regional installation codes and requirements. All field evaluations and special inspections can be conducted at:

  • Your facility
  • A CSA Group laboratory
  • The final installation site for the equipment

Once the product has been successfully verified against applicable requirements, your CSA Group technical representative will mark each product with a serialized CSA label. For products entering the Canadian market, they are verified/approved under our Special Inspection program. For products that are entering the U.S. market, they are verified under our U.S. Field Evaluation program.

Products that have been verified will receive the CSA label appropriate for the equipment inspected.  CSA Group Seattle provides a mark for electrical equipment only.

U.S. Field Evaluation is identical to Special Inspection except the electrical equipment being inspected is intended for installation in the United States and is evaluated to U.S. regulations rather than Canadian regulations.

What is Field Labeling or U.S. Field Evaluation?

field labeling

If your product passes inspection for the United States it will receive this label.

If your product will be installed in the U.S., CSA Group will evaluate your site specific industrial, commercial, electrical and gas-fired equipment according to local inspection requirements including:

  • The National Fire Protection Association
  • National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Other nationally recognized U.S. standards authorities

Location of evaluation – At your location, CSA Group labs or point of installation.

 What is Special Inspection?

field labeling

If your product passes inspection for Canada it will receive this label.

If your product will be installed in Canada, CSA Group tests electric, non-health care related, products according to:

  • CSA Group Special Publication SPE-1000
  • Model Code for the Field Evaluation of Electrical Equipment
  • The Canadian Electrical Code

Location of evaluation – At your location, a CSA Group lab or point of installation.

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